University Of Hawaii Office of Human Resources web portal


When the University of Hawaii decided to face down their problems with trying to get campuses across the Hawaiian Islands to issue the same human resources protocols for position creation, standard operating procedures, employee discipline and document management, my department was able to demonstrate that WordPress was the most affordable and flexible foundation.
Combining all of these resources in a single portal was a massive undertaking. This is the most custom WordPress build of mine to date. Some custom features I created include:

  • the ability to embed posts inside of others so that it only has to be edited in one place.
    • This required the use of a WordPress theme wrapper provided by the Sage starter theme. This allowed us to render the embedded content using a secondary loop so that template tags would still work as if it was a single post.
    • This also prevented us from having to suppress headers and footers when embedded.
  • an LDAP staff integration system.
    • This advanced plugin developed internally and publicly available, Authorizor passes staff members to the university’s CAS login which then updates their WordPress details seamlessly. This allowed the administration to alter an employee’s privileges globally.
  • A separate document server install of WordPress
    • Due to access restrictions for some sensitive information, file access had to be determined per user. Using WP-API, an internal virtual user would proxy all file requests. The proxy was the only valid user so files were not accessible directly even if the path is known.

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