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2017, Feb 04

There is no roadblock I don’t see as a challenge. This project is proof that I will go to any length to find a way over, under or around any problem so matter how much source I have to sift through.

University of Hawai'i Office of Human Resources University of Hawai'i Office of Human Resources

A custom theme in the truest sense, this was a rather large undertaking of more than a year's work. Far beyond custom post and taxonomy types I covered some pretty steep hills. The client wanted to be able to re-use posts containing pertinent information as subsections in other posts but rendered in their original style. This required manually re-starting “the loop” without losing the original post format. Sub-loops are trivial in WordPress but a pseudo-parent-loop was required to honor the post’s type, look and feel. This also required a complex custom nav walker and lots of query filtering to be able to splice links, anchors, predecessors and descendants. Oh, and I even patched a bug in WordPress core to make it work!

Many custom post editors were created using Advanced Custom Fields' incredible JSON flat file concept making it simple to version control. Oh, I had to fix that too.

A huge piece was the public/private document server that had to feel local to the admin. This meant an almost complete rewrite of the Wysiwyg link dialog as it was not built to re-init for each link or access multiple REST services. The REST request itself required a second WordPress install locked down to all but a virtual user on the main site so that public and private PDF’s could be rendered inline depending on the users role.

On top of all that I created a Bower package inspired by fontawesome for Material Design icons. and developed a SCSS strategy where child themes still got fed variables from the parent so only what changed needed to be written.

During all of this I regularly met with the client, advised on technical problems and helped mitigate scope creep.

Finally, I conducted training of the human resources staff on how to use it.

University of Hawai'i Office of Human Resources