Eine Odyssee nach Deutschland. Teil 1

The plan was to fly out of McCarran at 8:30 AM to Dallas and then on to Frankfurt. I was already kind of dreading 11 hours of flying with a 9 month old baby so things going immediately south kicked my positivity in the nuts.
First, we find out at check in that our schedule has been “re-designed” to go through O’Hare with a second layover as a bonus. Oh and we weren’t leaving until 9:50. There’s nothing like a pensive trip starting with four hours to kill. This should have been a red flag and if I were a more experienced traveler I’d have seen it.
The Chicago flight left on time, went rather smoothly and even arrived early. Apparently the landing was sketchy as hell because there were a lot of applaus when we came to a stop. Seemed pretty smooth for a snow covered runway to me. Kira even got lots of compliments for being such a good baby while deplaning. The blinding white made me realize we were probably in for bad news. My iPhone confirmed it. Chicago to London cancelled!
Now I’ve never been stranded before so a little panic set in. Thankfully that was short lived and replaced with anger once I found out it had been cancelled BEFORE we left Vegas. <this place reserved for furious venting about abject stupidity> Dejected, we take our Marriott voucher and walk through a desserted airport to baggage claim. After 20 minutes of staring at a stalled carousel I approach the counter only to find out the handlers have already gone home for the day. I can’t remember their exact words but it came across as “Heh, you’re fucked. Screw off.” I announced the news the crowd behind who immediately¬†descended¬†on the counter as if I was a lion walking away from a fresh kill. Kelly went in search of blood and found someone who preferred life enough to reveal the ability to relay a change request to the baggage department. Knowing it would take a while, I put Kelly and Kira on the Marriott shuttle and returned to spill more blood in baggage claim. The two luggage carts I’d rented and left at the counter with explicit instructions to not return, were of course gone. I checked on the status of my bags and the baggage department had of course, not received the request yet. I actually saw surprise and wonderment in the lady’s face when I suggested she resubmit the request. It was like I’d just showed her that cars can go backwards too.
The bags finally came, I rented one more cart and managed to truck my luggage barge past an empty taxi curb to the shuttle station in what’s being reported as a historical blizzard. Tomorrow we find out if any flights are going out but it’s doubtful until Thursday. I just want to get this over with and I’ve quite literally found myself in a perfect storm of travel hell.