Creating bulleted lists in Adobe Illustrator

UPDATE: Quick word of warning, this will cause all new text fields created in your illustrator document to be bulleted and there is no way to convert it. To return to normal behavior you’ll have to copy in a text field from a new document or restart illustrator. Also, you may see your bullets as weird characters at first until you move the text field. Clearly this buggyness is why this feature never got UI support.

So I stumbled across a hidden feature of Adobe Illustrator and of course had to share.

I’ve always hated creating bulleted lists in Illustrator because they are not supported. Or are they?

It appears all you have to do is copy the text of a bulleted list created in Adobe Captivate and paste it into AI. If you hard return at the end of the list it actually create a new bullet like the rest of the graphics world.

Check it out.

I love Illustrator like a child but sometimes Adobe’s decisions just leave my head itching.

This was done on Adobe CC 2015 / Windows 7. Does it work for you?

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