MiO bottle product shot

I needed some hard surface modeling practice and got really excited about after seeing some killer stuff by some peers. So why not choose something I’m also a big fan of. Thanks to this stuff I’ve eliminated soda from my diet. This is a near finished work in progress so I’ll update this post with … Continued

Unreal Development Kit

I’ve been learning how to model, texture, light and paint vertexes in the Unreal engine. Lots of fun to say the least. I need better screen recording software for Windows so this is kinda grainy and no sound.

Hard Surface Texture Study

One of my first hard surface texture paintings for school. I did not get to put in the time I’d have liked to but hopefully I’ll be doing this full time soon. [thumbnail src=”http://joelstransky.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/hard-surface-texture.jpg”]

Skin Texture Study

This is a texture painting project for school. The mesh was already UV’d with a projected normal map. I painted the diffuse and specular. Screen shots taken from Maya.