Hudson Painting is one of the first sites I’ve completed using my new WordPress Composition tool set. It came together rather quickly aside from the research and development required to solve responsive skewing with mixed angles. I will release the SCSS mixins to the public as soon as I can package them up. v2

The hardest part about being in demand is finding time to promote yourself. After many thrown together portfolios I finally have something that is prepared to grow with me. I’ve combined the content management power of wordpress with the modern elegance of twitter bootstrap and isotope.js masonry to present my entire skill stack. Layout is … Continued

Lip Sync Animation Test

This is a lip syncing project I did for school. I found it fascinating that the process of laying out key frames is as much an acting performance as it is technical know how.

Unreal Development Kit

I’ve been learning how to model, texture, light and paint vertexes in the Unreal engine. Lots of fun to say the least. I need better screen recording software for Windows so this is kinda grainy and no sound.

banner samples

Here’s a collection of various banners and badges I’ve worked on over the years. banners Max Payne DVD

Mberry are small, lightweight edible tablets that melt in your mouth. Once ingested it reacts with the taste buds on your tongue, allowing you to enjoy bitter/sour foods that becomes sweet. I was contracted to deliver a tasteful media experience that would familiarize its users with the Mberry experience. They sent me a few packs … Continued