Hudson Painting is one of the first sites I’ve completed using my new WordPress Composition tool set. It came together rather quickly aside from the research and development required to solve responsive skewing with mixed angles. I will release the SCSS mixins to the public as soon as I can package them up.

Bonanza Legal

I’ve always specialized in custom WordPress! development. I’m just a purist I guess. But after 15 years, WordPress’s authoring options have become undeniable. I’ve since coined the term “WordPress Composition” vs. development. This was my first composition site in a long time. It was clear that I needed to build up a robust list of … Continued

U.S. Army Intelligence Oversight official seal

One great aspect of military design is that you’re forgiven for eschewing your more minimalist sensibilities. We were provided with examples of the clients target and some existing parameters to retain. I had a lot of fun going skewmorphic with this one. Something out of fashion for a while now.

Military Intelligence Instructor Badge

While working at the Learning Innovation Branch of the Military Intelligence Brigade we were asked to develop a new badge for MI certified instructors. This was a real growth piece for me since military imagery is steeped in symbolism. Great care was required to research symbols that were not only devoid of controversy, but underscored … Continued

University Of Hawaii Office of Human Resources web portal

  When the University of Hawaii decided to face down their problems with trying to get campuses across the Hawaiian Islands to issue the same human resources protocols for position creation, standard operating procedures, employee discipline and document management, my department was able to demonstrate that WordPress was the most affordable and flexible foundation. Combining … Continued

Announcing Don’t Explode!

My website goes a long way towards demonstrating my various passions but what might not be so clear is just how desperately I want to work in the game industry. Being a military spouse so far has prevented me from living near any game studios and I’m not getting any younger. Even before my daughter … Continued

Champion Awards

Champion Awards of El Paso was looking to set themselves apart from the competition while driving home that they were more than a stock trophy supplier. We protected their limited budget by leveraging the incredible wordpress base theme to build a responsive and highly editable site. The client has an easy to use product … Continued

Nook Color Kids Reader

When Barnes & Noble needed a whole new reading experience for children’s books they approached my previous employer, Automata Studios. Our modest team leader created a brilliant framework for the B&N team and their publishers. I’m proud to say I contributed a great deal towards the UI for this award nominated application. Nook Kids Store … Continued