Surface Control in Adobe Illustrator 3D

TLDR; convert spline points to smooth for less 3D surfaces to map For a 2D application, Adobe Illustrator’s 3D effects are an impressive feature. The ability to apply UV maps with vector symbols makes it one of my favorite tools. I love having the ability to take any shape to the next level in a … Continued

Displaying a single ACF field form

In my last post I described how to inject your own content into a form rendered by acf_form(). Today we’re doing the opposite by requesting a single ACF field’s form view. This example shows this technique in a <form> field but should work about anywhere. What you’ll need You’ll need the field key of the … Continued

Adding an excerpt field to Advanced Custom Fields’ front end form

I think we can all agree that Elliot Condon’s incredible WordPress plugin Advanced Custom Fields is a massive time saver. If you’re like me however, you’re constantly running into situations where ACF would be a perfect solution if not for certain understandable limitations. Undeterred, over the last year or so I’ve had to coax ACF … Continued

How to customize a WordPress Multisite (WPMU) registration form

If you google how to customize a WordPress registration form you’ll only find codex pages instructing how to do that for a single WordPress installation. I find that odd considering how long MU has been out. Of course I’m not the first to need a custom MU registration form so I eventually found the answer … Continued

Sage, BrowserSync, and WordPress multisite

[notification type=”alert-info” close=”false” ]Update: I’ve got confirmation from the Sage dev’s that this is not common to Sage and is likely a result of my particular Vagrant box.[/notification] [notification type=”alert-info” close=”false” ]Update:¬†Turns out my original suspicions were true and this has nothing to do with Sage or BrowserSync. Turns out there is a known issue … Continued

How to fix a multiple extension syntax conflict in Sublime Text 3

I recently started learning Ruby on Rails and of course I had to configure Sublime Text to speed up the workflow. I found¬†Matt Brictson’s article extremely helpful but there was still the pain of typing .erb tags. For some reason the <% %> characters just feel difficult to type. Then I installed Matthew Robertson’s ERB-Sublime-Snippets … Continued