Surface Control in Adobe Illustrator 3D

TLDR; convert spline points to smooth for less 3D surfaces to map For a 2D application, Adobe Illustrator’s 3D effects are an impressive feature. The ability to apply UV maps with vector symbols makes it one of my favorite tools. I love having the ability to take any shape to the next level in a … Continued

Creating bulleted lists in Adobe Illustrator

UPDATE: Quick word of warning, this will cause all new text fields created in your illustrator document to be bulleted and there is no way to convert it. To return to normal behavior you’ll have to copy in a text field from a new document or restart illustrator. Also, you may see your bullets as … Continued

Quick Grids in Adobe Illustrator

The user sarahdaniels on tutorialized [dot] com asked for a quick demo of my response. Welcome to my first ever video tutorial. [FMP poster=””] [/FMP]