Hudson Painting is one of the first sites I’ve completed using my new WordPress Composition tool set. It came together rather quickly aside from the research and development required to solve responsive skewing with mixed angles. I will release the SCSS mixins to the public as soon as I can package them up.

Bonanza Legal

I’ve always specialized in custom WordPress! development. I’m just a purist I guess. But after 15 years, WordPress’s authoring options have become undeniable. I’ve since coined the term “WordPress Composition” vs. development. This was my first composition site in a long time. It was clear that I needed to build up a robust list of … Continued

U.S. Army Intelligence Oversight official seal

One great aspect of military design is that you’re forgiven for eschewing your more minimalist sensibilities. We were provided with examples of the clients target and some existing parameters to retain. I had a lot of fun going skewmorphic with this one. Something out of fashion for a while now.

Military Intelligence Instructor Badge

While working at the Learning Innovation Branch of the Military Intelligence Brigade we were asked to develop a new badge for MI certified instructors. This was a real growth piece for me since military imagery is steeped in symbolism. Great care was required to research symbols that were not only devoid of controversy, but underscored … Continued

University Of Hawaii Office of Human Resources web portal

  When the University of Hawaii decided to face down their problems with trying to get campuses across the Hawaiian Islands to issue the same human resources protocols for position creation, standard operating procedures, employee discipline and document management, my department was able to demonstrate that WordPress was the most affordable and flexible foundation. Combining … Continued

Surface Control in Adobe Illustrator 3D

TLDR; convert spline points to smooth for less 3D surfaces to map For a 2D application, Adobe Illustrator’s 3D effects are an impressive feature. The ability to apply UV maps with vector symbols makes it one of my favorite tools. I love having the ability to take any shape to the next level in a … Continued

Creating bulleted lists in Adobe Illustrator

UPDATE: Quick word of warning, this will cause all new text fields created in your illustrator document to be bulleted and there is no way to convert it. To return to normal behavior you’ll have to copy in a text field from a new document or restart illustrator. Also, you may see your bullets as … Continued

Displaying a single ACF field form

In my last post I described how to inject your own content into a form rendered by acf_form(). Today we’re doing the opposite by requesting a single ACF field’s form view. This example shows this technique in a <form> field but should work about anywhere. What you’ll need You’ll need the field key of the … Continued

Adding an excerpt field to Advanced Custom Fields’ front end form

I think we can all agree that Elliot Condon’s incredible WordPress plugin Advanced Custom Fields is a massive time saver. If you’re like me however, you’re constantly running into situations where ACF would be a perfect solution if not for certain understandable limitations. Undeterred, over the last year or so I’ve had to coax ACF … Continued