I'm recently unemployed due to COVID-19 and looking for full-time employment.

Currently I specialize in React and it's related technologies.

Please contact me with any questions.

Thanks - Joel Stransky

MiO bottle product shot

I needed some hard surface modeling practice and got really excited about after seeing some killer stuff by some peers. So why not choose…

1 minute read

Military Adaptive Sports Program

I needed to add some modern design pieces to my portfolio and this great organization needed some help with their own promotion. It was a…

1 minute read

Lip Sync Animation Test

This is a lip syncing project I did for school. I found it fascinating that the process of laying out key frames is as much an acting…

1 minute read

The Griffon

This is the last project I did for school. The concept is courtesy of Gary Shuko. I sculpted, retopologized, UV’d and painted this from…

1 minute read

What Steve Jobs meant to me

I’m probably the least productive blogger in the tech world but a major figure in my life has died and its worth explaining why this one…

2 minute read


Before we called them "angel investors", threw around words like "runway" or flocked to Y-Combinator I had nothing to disrupt. A friend of…

1 minute read

The Early Years 1995 - 2004

My career started just out of high-school and I'm proud to say has been on a constant incline ever since. I'm exponentially more talentaned…

1 minute read