Hudson Painting is one of the first sites I’ve completed using my new WordPress Composition tool set. It came together rather quickly aside from the research and development required to solve responsive skewing with mixed angles. I will release the SCSS mixins to the public as soon as I can package them up.

U.S. Army Intelligence Oversight official seal

One great aspect of military design is that you’re forgiven for eschewing your more minimalist sensibilities. We were provided with examples of the clients target and some existing parameters to retain. I had a lot of fun going skewmorphic with this one. Something out of fashion for a while now.

Latest Tweet

"Decide Effect" : when you intentionally implement side effects. ie. useEffect #reactjs

Learning Innovation Branch office Christmas Party flyer

After so much programming, it was a refreshing detour to be able to focus on my design skills once again. This was the first piece in a long time that I felt good about. Turns out confidence is a great way to maintain quality skills.

print ad studies

Just a couple of exercises to get my composition muscles back in shape.

Animation Station

This project was created as a donation to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Children were encouraged to create stop motion animations with Transformers™ toys and burn their own CDs at this touch screen kiosk. From the moment it was unveiled it was a huge hit.

Game Resolution Bust

This is the 2nd of 3 portfolio assignments that will finish off my game art degree. I created this from scratch based on a concept painting I found on deviant art courtesy of Zephyri.

Lip Sync Animation Test

This is a lip syncing project I did for school. I found it fascinating that the process of laying out key frames is as much an acting performance as it is technical know how.

Unreal Development Kit

I’ve been learning how to model, texture, light and paint vertexes in the Unreal engine. Lots of fun to say the least. I need better screen recording software for Windows so this is kinda grainy and no sound.

Hard Surface Texture Study

One of my first hard surface texture paintings for school. I did not get to put in the time I’d have liked to but hopefully I’ll be doing this full time soon. [thumbnail src=””]

Skin Texture Study

This is a texture painting project for school. The mesh was already UV’d with a projected normal map. I painted the diffuse and specular. Screen shots taken from Maya.

The Griffon

This is the last project I did for school. The concept is courtesy of Gary Shuko. I sculpted, retopologized, UV’d and painted this from scratch.

banner samples

Here’s a collection of various banners and badges I’ve worked on over the years. banners Max Payne DVD