I'm recently unemployed due to COVID-19 and looking for full-time employment.

Currently I specialize in React and it's related technologies.

Please contact me with any questions.

Thanks - Joel Stransky

Kite Screen

For a brief moment, Netflix tested picture-in-picture on desktop. I was very fond of the feature and sad when it was gone shortly there…

1 minute read


At Superb.net I wore both developer and project manager hats. I worked on updating aging pages, promotional campaigns, some design work and…

1 minute read


This was my first custom WordPress theme for a production site that featured anything other than custom styles and templates. It started out…

1 minute read

Don’t Explode! by Joel Stransky

Update Don't Explode is now available on the google play store The Idea Try to keep your rocket lifting for as long as possible by keeping…

3 minute read

Announcing Don’t Explode!

My website goes a long way towards demonstrating my various passions but what might not be so clear is just how desperately I want to work…

1 minute read

Nook Color Kids Reader

When Barnes & Noble needed a whole new reading experience for children’s books they approached my previous employer, Automata Studios. Our…

1 minute read

The Living Glass Conversation

Owens Illinois commissioned Joshua Davis to direct an interactive experience promoting the use of recycled glass. Joshua collaborated with…

1 minute read

The Endless Mural

The various brush shapes used in this project were supplied by a list of artists including Joshua Davis. The brushes all started as vector…

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