Champion Awards

Champion Awards of El Paso was looking to set themselves apart from the competition while driving home that they were more than a stock trophy supplier. We protected their limited budget by leveraging the incredible wordpress base theme to build a responsive and highly editable site. The client has an easy to use product … Continued

Animation Station

This project was created as a donation to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Children were encouraged to create stop motion animations with Transformers™ toys and burn their own CDs at this touch screen kiosk. From the moment it was unveiled it was a huge hit.

The Massey App

Commercial high-rise disaster prevention and recovery experts MEI International took a bold step towards streamlined building management. The Massey App allows building and floor managers to communicate dangers and track inventory on any smart phone. I was responsible for a great deal of the UI functionality which utilized the jquery mobile framework. Get The App … Continued

Military Adaptive Sports Program

I needed to add some modern design pieces to my portfolio and this great organization needed some help with their own promotion. It was a perfect match and a great way to give back to our hero’s. I started with two rounds of sketches and after getting their approval, I produced the final version in … Continued v2

The hardest part about being in demand is finding time to promote yourself. After many thrown together portfolios I finally have something that is prepared to grow with me. I’ve combined the content management power of wordpress with the modern elegance of twitter bootstrap and isotope.js masonry to present my entire skill stack. Layout is … Continued

Unreal Development Kit

I’ve been learning how to model, texture, light and paint vertexes in the Unreal engine. Lots of fun to say the least. I need better screen recording software for Windows so this is kinda grainy and no sound.

banner samples

Here’s a collection of various banners and badges I’ve worked on over the years. banners Max Payne DVD

Mberry are small, lightweight edible tablets that melt in your mouth. Once ingested it reacts with the taste buds on your tongue, allowing you to enjoy bitter/sour foods that becomes sweet. I was contracted to deliver a tasteful media experience that would familiarize its users with the Mberry experience. They sent me a few packs … Continued