Displaying a single ACF field form

In my last post I described how to inject your own content into a form rendered by acf_form(). Today we’re doing the opposite by requesting a single ACF field’s form view. This example shows this technique in a <form> field but should work about anywhere. What you’ll need You’ll need the field key of the … Continued

Adding an excerpt field to Advanced Custom Fields’ front end form

I think we can all agree that Elliot Condon’s incredible WordPress plugin Advanced Custom Fields is a massive time saver. If you’re like me however, you’re constantly running into situations where ACF would be a perfect solution if not for certain understandable limitations. Undeterred, over the last year or so I’ve had to coax ACF … Continued

How to customize a WordPress Multisite (WPMU) registration form

If you google how to customize a WordPress registration form you’ll only find codex pages instructing how to do that for a single WordPress installation. I find that odd considering how long MU has been out. Of course I’m not the first to need a custom MU registration form so I eventually found the answer … Continued

Sage, BrowserSync, and WordPress multisite

As my comfort level with Sage increases I find that I like it more and more. Although I certainly wouldn’t say it’s the only way to do WordPress theme development, for those of us who’ve adopted modern front end development tools, it’s arguably exactly what you’d have if you tailored your development environment yourself. The … Continued

How to fix a multiple extension syntax conflict in Sublime Text 3

I recently started learning Ruby on Rails and of course I had to configure Sublime Text to speed up the workflow. I found Matt Brictson’s article extremely helpful but there was still the pain of typing .erb tags. For some reason the <% %> characters just feel difficult to type. Then I installed Matthew Robertson’s ERB-Sublime-Snippets … Continued

Announcing Don’t Explode!

My website goes a long way towards demonstrating my various passions but what might not be so clear is just how desperately I want to work in the game industry. Being a military spouse so far has prevented me from living near any game studios and I’m not getting any younger. Even before my daughter … Continued

Champion Awards

Champion Awards of El Paso was looking to set themselves apart from the competition while driving home that they were more than a stock trophy supplier. We protected their limited budget by leveraging the incredible roots.io wordpress base theme to build a responsive and highly editable site. The client has an easy to use product … Continued

Nook Color Kids Reader

When Barnes & Noble needed a whole new reading experience for children’s books they approached my previous employer, Automata Studios. Our modest team leader created a brilliant framework for the B&N team and their publishers. I’m proud to say I contributed a great deal towards the UI for this award nominated application. Nook Kids Store … Continued